2 2017

News Schmooze

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Bryan Glazer Family JCC 522 N Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33606

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Cost: Free for members/ $5 non-members

This discussion group welcomes new addicts, those who want to learn more about today's news and those who want to share news items - troubling and exciting - which cover the world, the United States, Florida, and the local area. Are there ways to make changes needed? How does society move forward for a better world? Diverse points of view are encouraged and civil discourse is the rule of the day. Each session starts with a current news discussion and analysis and then a relevant research topic is presented for the group to consider. The discussions are led by Pat Renfroe, who has led similar discussions at the JCC campus for the past several years. LET'S TALK!

May 2 - China - world views along with its relationships with North Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, and other Pacific Rim countries. What do China and the U.S. agree about and what are issues between China and the U.S. along with other countries?

May 9 - Churchill and Gandhi - bios including major accomplishments of each and their discussions regarding India. 

May 16 - India/Austria - Once part of the British Empire, then an independent country and now a world player, will India's economy outshine China's in the future? Australia had an immigration start and has developed into a world power. How has it supported the U.S. and the rest of the world?

May 23 - The Role of Government -  What do we really expect from the governments that affect our lives (national, state, and local)? Are our expectations realistic and are they helpful in building better lives for all?

May 30 - Welfare in America  - What is classified as welfare by various groups in America? Who has been helped by welfare? Do we need to help more or less..... why?