16 2017


16 2017

Go Green, Get Lean: Healthy Eating Challenge


Challenge yourself to eat more green, whole foods. Side effects may include: looking better, feeling better, having more energy, improving your health, reducing inflammation and fulfilling your body’s needs. Challenge yourself daily, weekly and monthly to Go Green and Get Lean. Monday, October 16th kicks things off with an orientation session and seminar about the benefits of whole foods, the downside of processed sugars and the effects both have on the body. Join us for the following additional complimentary seminars throughout the challenge being held at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC:

  • Debunking Confusion About Sugar + Metabolism with Suzan Mekler
  • Balancing Mental Health, Wellness Fitness During the Holiday Season with Nichole Alonso

Register at the Welcome Desk to join in on the fun anytime during the Challenge. Share your Go Green experience using the hashtag #GlazerGoGreen on Facebook, Instagram or Yelp!

Members & Non-Members: FREE