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Way More Than A Gym

Located in the historic Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, the Bryan Glazer Family Jewish Community Center (BGFJCC), opened its doors on December 8, 2016, which was renamed in 2023 to the Shanna and Bryan Glazer JCC, to serve a broad spectrum of community needs. Our facility is home to 100,000 square feet of health and fitness, recreation, the arts, entertainment, international business, and so much more. There is something for everyone to explore.




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About Us

Our Mission


Our mission is to strengthen the health, education, culture and welfare of our community; to enrich Jewish life in the Tampa Bay area; and to connect with and support the people of Israel and the global Jewish community. 


Our Vision

The Tampa Jewish Community Centers and Federation is the heart of a vibrant, harmonious and connected community that embraces everyone. 


We strive to:

  1. Be the center for Jewish activity in Tampa and provide a warm and welcoming environment; 
  2. Offer first-class educational, cultural and wellness programming, services and facilities for both children and adults; 
  3. Serve as the connective tissue between and among all Jewish organizations, agencies and groups, and between the Jewish and secular communities; 
  4. Provide a work environment that helps recruit, recognize and reward excellence in staff and volunteers; 
  5. Actively build our connection with the people of Israel and the global Jewish community; 
  6. Meet our current fiscal needs and financially secure our future;  
  7. Support the financial needs of our community, the people of Israel, and the global Jewish community; and 
  8. Enhance and protect the long-term viability of Jewish life in our community. 

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Hours of Operation

Shanna & Bryan Glazer JCC
522 N. Howard Avenue
Tampa, FL 33606


General Operations

Monday – Friday: 5:30AM-9PM
Saturday + Sunday: 7AM-7PM

Family Pool

M-F 5:30AM-8PM
Saturday + Sunday: 7AM-6PM

Lap Pool

M-F 5:30AM-8PM
Saturday + Sunday: 7AM-6PM

Become a Member!

As a member of the SBGJCC, you will have access to our state of the art fitness and aquatics facilities, gymnasium and indoor track, a wide array of fitness and mind/body programs, plus a vibrant mix of educational, recreational and cultural activities that you can’t find anywhere else in Tampa. There’s something for everyone at the SBGJCC and everyone of all ages, faith and backgrounds are welcome!